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A Proven Principle – as Old as Life

From waste to recycling management: One of nature’s remarkable assets is that it does not produce any waste. In a perpetual lifecycle the natural components change their appearance to assume a new form with another useful task to fulfil.

Mankind – through its constant striving for progress – has developed materials that are not part of the natural cycle. This mainly applies to plastics which cannot be broken down to their constituents, once their original utility value is lost. This is how our so-called waste is created.

The resources of our planet are limited. In the long run, only a system which makes careful use of its resources will be successful. Nature teaches us how: recycling instead of waste.



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30 Years KRALL Kunststoffrecycling


Since 1992 Krall Kunststoff-Recycling GmbH have been committed entirely to the environmentally friendly recycling of plastics.

30 years of success as a reliable partner for our customers!


Please note that our office will be closed on the following days:

Christmas and turn of the year

Ascension Day

Feast of Corpus Christi


Christmas and turn of the year

Our services at a glance:

Material Purchase

Depending on the quantity and type of the applied plastic material, we offer different solutions to collect the material. What you can expect from us:

Recycling of the Material

For the preparation of the material we draw on more than 30 years of experience in handling plastics:

Sales of recycled Plastic

What is important for you: At the end of the day you get exactly the raw material you need for reusing material, for recycling raw material and for energy recovery cycles:

Your Advantages – at a Glance

We have been a partner for companies in the semi-finished plastic goods sector for years: More than five hundred production, trade and processing companies entrust us with the recycling of their plastics all over Europe.

We provide you with collecting boxes tailor-made for your needs (mesh boxes, Krall recycling boxes, etc.) free of charge.

We are glad to pick up and recycle your plastic waste from the complete range of engineering plastics and high-performance plastics.
We pick up your material within 10 working days. Accounting is done directly after income inspection.

We offer fair and constant prices in spite of fluctuating market and raw material situations.

We have our company inspected voluntarily as a certified specialised recycling enterprise (TÜV + ISO 9001) and can therefore guarantee an exact recording of all quantities.