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With many years of experience and the possibilities of modern technology we are able to recover high purity pellets from used plastic products and manufacturing waste.

Krall Kunststoff Recycling even has the capability to automatically separate mixed grades of plastics or decontaminate used material. Thus, we contribute to our philosophy, “from waste to recycling management”, to protect the limited resources of our planet. Here nature is a model to us: recycling instead of waste – nature has no waste.

Transparent Beauty

Blueboxx – a Synonym for Recycling

Blueboxx stands for a modern and professional return of CDs, all over Germany. CDs mainly consist of the support material polycarbonate with a thin coat of aluminium. In a recycling process, the polycarbonate can be recovered with a high degree of purity and serves as the raw material for a great number of new products from automotive industry to medical technology.

SUNOVATION is a manufacturer of special glasses for the application in architecture.

Since 2001 facades and roof elements based on the unique silicone filling process (SCET) have been developed and manufactured at the location in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria. The key product groups are the solar-glass elements „eForm color”, which are compelling due to their excellent aesthetics and in particular also through an outstanding solar output. From its new production site in Aschaffenburg-Obernau SUNOVATION has since 2014 been supplying customers seeking for special architectural solutions all over the world. An innovation team consisting of engineers, technicians, electricians and experts from the constructive glass- and metal construction are here working on the realization of individual customer ideas.

Plasttrade is a raw material supplier for the plastic injection molding industry.

We supply high-performance plastics as neutrally packaged, first-class new goods for a wide range of applications. Our materials are used i.a. Used in automotive, electrical, home appliance, construction and furniture industries. We attach great importance to ensuring consistently high production quality at Plasttrade. We use state-of-the-art production facilities and strict material testing procedures. This is how we guarantee our customers from a wide variety of industries the highest quality standard and the constant availability of large purchase quantities. Of course, we would be happy to provide you with samples of our products.